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Mammoth Coolers


Meet the team behind the brand. Our group of ambassadors are some of the best out there. Thank you for all your support.

Megan Meyer

Megan is the team manager of the Randy Meyer Racing team, where she coordinates logistics for the crew, communicates with sponsors for hospitality, retail displays, and media promotions, and creates all graphics and designs for the team. She is an expert at social media for promoting races and events and engaging with fans online. Megan is also an educator for other race car drivers to teach them how to build a professional brand that stands out from their competitors so that they can get paying sponsorships to have income to afford spare parts and transportation costs. She believes it’s not about the quantity of followers you have, it’s about the quality and building trust with them.

When she’s not behind the wheel of her 4,000-HP machine, Megan enjoys spending time outdoors fishing, archery, and adventuring. She is an avid bow hunter in the fall, and loves to go hiking and ride trails with her RZR in the Rocky Mountains. She is very active to stay in shape for driving and follows a strict workout regime including cycling. Mammoth Coolers are the perfect fit to Megan’s lifestyle both on and off the track.

Bill Lowen

Bill Lowen is a 10-time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier. Bill has had 7 Top-5 B.A.S.S. finishes and 18 Top-10 finishes, he was also the finalist in the 2009 Ultimate Match.

When Bill is not on the water, he is at his home in Brookville, Indiana with his wife Jennifer, and their two kids Nevaeh and Fischer. Before Bill became a Bassmaster Elite Series Founding Member, he worked as a flooring contractor.

Favorite Quote: “Catch ya later”

Hobbies: Hunting waterfowl, deer and turkey

Career B.A.S.S. winnings: $1,279,645

Pillows the Yellow Lab

We created the Pillows the Yellow Lab Instagram to share our dog on-the-go lifestyle with other dog lovers. Everywhere is dog-friendly is our mission statement.

Hailing from beautiful Tampa Bay (Go Bucs!), Pillows is a rescue dog success story. “Apparently someone didn’t want him and I can’t find a reason why. Some people just suck,” says Pillows’ owner and BFF, Brandon.

Since joining the crew, Pillows is an avid beach-goer, hiking buddy, and Jeep co-pilot. Lately he’s been burning up the FAST CAT circuit, which is an AKC sponsored event where dogs compete in a 100-yard dash chasing a lure. “He figures it’s a squirrel. He was made for this.”

Our weekends consist of a lot of day-trips with just the two of us. We have a bunch of Mammoth Cooler products but the one that really stands out to us as fitting this lifestyle perfectly is our Cruiser 25. “That rugged little cooler fits perfectly in the back of the Jeep, holds plenty of water, dog treats, and a beer for the end of the day, plus its maneuverable. That’s important to us.”

For more adventures with Pillows check out @PillowsTheYellowLab on Instagram

Scott Tilley

Scott @tilleytraegertales is from Texas. His love for all things BBQ grew about 4 years ago after purchasing his first Traeger Grill. He cooks on a Pro 22 and Ranger. In addition to BBQ he and his wife love to bake on the Traeger and make creative breakfast and side dishes.

His favorite Mammoth product is the Cruiser 25. He loves how versatile it is. His favorite use is for when you grab some groceries but aren’t headed home quite yet. It’s able to keep them cool until you’re home!

When he’s not grilling, Scott is usually singing Opera or directing his high school choir students! Follow his journey on Facebook and Instagram at @tilleytraegertales

Nick Linzenmeyer

Evoke Outdoors is the incarnation of my passion for the outdoors and capturing those special moments.

I grew up in Louisiana, the “sportsman’s paradise”, however I didn’t grow up hunting, fishing, and such. It wasn’t until much later in life, as a college student in Texas, that had my first hunting and fishing experiences. It was amazing, I was hooked, and as they say, the rest is history.

As an adult-onset hunter, I found it uninspiring, though, that the majority of the memories people retain from their outdoor pursuits are simple “grip-n-grin” photos of a lunker bass, a personal-best whitetail buck, or a cheesy snapshot from the top of that mountain. I wanted to capture the essence of those experiences, which led me to revitalize an old passion of mine – photography. Now I seek to capture those special details of all outdoor pursuits through photographs and video.

My Mammoth Coolers products exemplify the toughness needed for the lifestyle I now enjoy. My 30 oz Rover mug and my Cruiser 25 cooler are with me daily – whether it’s just taking my coffee and lunch to the office, bringing some cold beverages with me to the creek for some fly fishing, or some snacks for an all-day sit in a blind.

Find me on Facebook and Instagram @EvokeOutdoors or browse my website