Using Dry Ice in Coolers

What is dry ice?

Mammoth Coolers are 100% dry ice compatible. Dry ice is a safe, albeit more powerful, alternative to traditional ice cubes to chill your cooler’s contents. Typically, dry ice temperatures hover around -110° Fahrenheit in a cooler.  That’s cold!  Perhaps the best benefit to using dry ice; it will not liquefy in your cooler. It simply becomes a gas when it “melts” (sublimes).  Eliminating ice/water and using dry ice will therefore keep contents in your cooler dry!  However, you should know ahead of time that there are specific ways to use and handle dry ice.  Please use caution and always use appropriate handling methods when working with dry ice.

How to use dry ice in my Mammoth Cooler?

Dry ice is best used for freezing, since -110° Fahrenheit is well below the freezing mark.  Items will stay cooler, for a longer time by putting dry ice on top of them, instead of on the bottom. You should always wear gloves, preferably leather ones, on your hands to protect your skin from contact with the extreme temperatures.  Freezing cold burns can be very painful, so use extreme caution when handling dry ice.  Use 10 to 20 lbs of dry ice every 24-hour period.  This will vary depending on the size of cooler.  Leave the drain plug open slightly on your cooler when using dry ice. The gas needs a place to escape. It will pop the lid on your cooler if it does not have a way to escape.  Dry ice works best when your cooler is full!  You can use newspaper or other material if you do not have enough contents to fill the majority of the space in your cooler.