Colorado Cruiser Cooler


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Cruiser 20:
Often used for those on-the-go recreational activities that require light and small items such as kayaking and hiking. The size and weight are ideal for staying mobile while transporting a fully packed cooler. Easily take plenty of food and drink with you on your next excursion. With this rugged cooler, you can trust that the contents will arrive at your destination without spoil or contamination.

Ice Retention: up to 2-3+ days



This Mammoth Cruiser cooler is wrapped with a full body Colorado decoration.

The last personal cooler you will need. Designed as a low-cost, light-duty rotomolded cooler. Built with all of the features of a heavy-duty cooler and just as durable but light enough to be handled easily on any excursion. The insulated walls provide the ice retention necessary for keeping your items cold during short everyday trips.

Common Uses

Cruiser 20

  • Kayaking
  • Day at the Pool
  • Dove Hunting
  • Road Trip
  • BYOB Party

Cruiser 25

  • Baseball Tournaments
  • Softball Tournaments
  • Swim Meets
  • In the Duck Blind
  • On the Fishing Boat

Cruiser 30

  • Short Camping Trips
  • Tailgating
  • Picnics
  • Day on the Boat
  • Work Site



Cruiser 20

  • 17 quarts
  • 4.25 gallons
  • 19 cans
  • 14 bottles

Cruiser 25

  • 22 quarts
  • 5.5 gallons
  • 28 cans
  • 15 bottles

Cruiser 30

  • 27 quarts
  • 6.75 gallons
  • 30 cans
  • 17 bottles