Thank you for your interest in Mammoth Coolers!  Here are some reasons to become a Dealer with us:

  • We offer low minimum order quantities.
  • Priced affordable to make you successful.
  • Superior product that comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!
  • Unique tumbler and can holder design that fits perfectly in your hand.
  • Many stainless and color drink product options.  20 colors to choose from!

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If you would like to speak to someone at Mammoth Coolers you can contact our support at (816) 295-6321.  You can also email us at

We sell a rotational molded (roto-mold) cooler. They are injected with premium insulation. Which keeps items in the cooler cold and makes ice last longer. The coolers come with a lifetime guarantee. We have two series of coolers called the Ranger and Cruiser. There are several different sizes to accommodate your needs.

The size and capacity of a Mammoth Cooler varies depending on what model you chose.  See the size and capacity chart to find the size and capacity of each model.

That is hard to determine because of many different factors. Different variables affect the length of how long a cooler can retain ice such as the outside temperature and humidity which will vary everywhere. Another big factor is how often you open the cooler. When you open a cooler it has to cool down the inside of the cooler to match the temperature of the ice and water. Another factor is the type of ice that you use in the cooler (crushed, cubed, block, dry). Check out this link to get more tips!

The Ranger and Cruiser Series are both great coolers.  They do have some key differences. Check out the cooler page to learn more about the differences.

  • Do NOT wash in the dishwasher.  Hand wash with dish soap only before each use.
  • Do NOT place in oven.
  • Do NOT place in a microwave.
  • Do NOT place in a freezer.